recent webwork by andrew enoch

BŌK Modern and EnFold Façade
two extensive sites to display the architectural creations of naylor and chu. incredible work with laser cut structures for elevating a building to a work of art..economically and elegantly.

force refresh
art shirts. things. an outlet for creativity and hey, something to clothe your naked self.

Iris Doe
the guy just can’t stop making beautiful music. do yourself a favor and won’t be saddened..

BNDT Mountain
a deep and interactive portal..the first steps of a journey into the music and art of the one and only BNDT. a one of a kind site creation for this Australian-based creative genius and a work-in-process, ever evolving. explore explore explore.

Hans DeKline Mastering
grammy award winning, margarita loving Hans DeKline needed a new, one-page design for his site, and here it is! I’ve been working with Hans for over 12 years now..helluva partnership with an incredibly talented mastering engineer.

Communicating Vessels: a record label
an amazing new site for Jeffrey Cain’s record label, doing some new and beautiful things for some new and beautiful music. Truly a “Revolution of the Mind, Liberation of the Spirit”

Saul Williams
“the threshold king of everything” incredible poet/artist/musician/agent of social change.  so proud to work for this man!

DJ Spooky
New site launched for the master DJ, MIT-published author, musician, theorist, and just about any other job title you can think of..the man is a network, residing at the intersection of music, technology, and philosophy.

Lady Legs
Future Elevators
The Green Seed
The Imagineering Company
Sound Bites Dog
Schreuder Engineering
Grant Lyon
Remy Zero
Dead Snares
Yes U Can Too

build and/or maintain
Artists in Business
San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design
Marilyn Burns Math: Helping Teachers Help Students
Alliance Project Services
Mission: Getting to Next